16 Best Heat Tolerant Chicken Breeds

The Best Heat Tolerant Chicken Breeds

Heat tolerant chicken breeds are a great choice for homesteaders who live in southern climates. Chickens have trouble dealing with extreme heat in the summer but some breeds adapt better than others. If you live in an area with hot humid weather, raise these chickens! They will lay more eggs and be less susceptible to heat stroke than many breeds.

So what make some chicken breeds heat tolerant while others suffer in the summer? Chicken breeds tolerant of hot climates tend to have large combs and wattles and a smaller body size. Why does this help them deal with heat?

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White Leghorn chickens enjoying the shade.

How Chickens Stay Cool in Summer

Chicken combs and wattles have a high concentration of tiny blood vessels (capillaries). Those capillaries circulate blood, and body heat, close to the surface of the skin. This is a natural cooling system because it allows body heat to dissapate from the combs and wattles into the air. So chicken breeds with large combs and wattles have more surface area with capillaries to give off their excess body heat and keep them cool.

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Chickens with a smaller body mass have a higher surface area to body weight ratio, which also helps keep them cool in hot weather. So breeds like the White Leghorn, with their small body size and large combs and wattles, do much better in hot weather than large breeds with pea combs.

Some breeds, such as this Turken hen, are adaptable to both hot and cold climates.

Choose Heat Tolerant Chicken Breeds if You Live in a Hot Climate

If you live in a hot climate, like the southern states, it just makes sense to raise chickens that can handle more heat. Hot weather will stress chickens out and cause them to slow egg production, or stop altogether if they can’t cool down. There are some things you can do to help your flock chill out, and we’ll discuss those measures in a moment. But start out right by choosing any of the following breeds for your homestead if you live in a hot climate.

Raise your meat chickens during a cool time of the year for best results. Meat chickens have more body mass and may not gain weight as desired during hot weather.

Raising Meat Chickens on your homestead!

heat tolerant chicken breeds - Lakenvelds
Lakenvelders are a heat tolerant heritage chicken breed.

Best Heat Tolerant Chicken Breeds for Hot Weather

  1. White Leghorns – Best Layer! & Brown Leghorn
  2. Rhode Island Reds – Best brown egg layer, also cold tolerant!
  3. Black Sumatra or Blue Sumatra
  4. Egyptian Fayoumi
  5. White Plymouth Rock & Barred Plymouth Rock – Also cold tolerant!
  6. Welsummer
  7. Ameraucana or Easter Egger – Also cold tolerant!
  8. Turken or Naked Neck – Also cold tolerant!
  9. Appenzeller Spitzhauben 
  10. Lakenvelder
  11. Silver Spangled Hamburg 
  12. Ancona
  13. Blue Andalusian
  14. Sicilian Buttercup
  15. Golden Campine
  16. Cubalaya
Cool your chickens down with a spray of cool water. This Rhode Island Red is cooling off under a sprinkler.

How to Help Your Flock Deal with Hot Weather

There are some things you can do to reduce heat-related stress in your flock:

  • Provide ventilation in their coop to pull fresh air in and move hot air out
  • An evaporator system may be used if the temperatures aren’t too hot
  • Provide a lot of shade in their pen
  • Put a sprinkler on in their pasture to help cool things down
  • Plant a shade tree on the south side of the coop
  • Provide water dishes in several places, including in the shade
  • Put ice in their water
  • Give your flock several shallow pans of water that they may stand in to cool down
  • Supply vitamins and electrolytes in their water
  • Don’t feed corn, sunflower seeds, or other high-fat foods in summer
  • Reduce bedding in the coop, do not use deep litter method in summer
  • Use a barn fan to blow air into the coop to cool birds
  • Start heat reduction methods before severe heat sets in to help them acclimate
  • Spritz stressed birds down with cool water if they act lethargic
heat tolerant chicken breeds include Ameraucana

Pick the Best Chicken Breeds for Your Homestead

If you are planning to add chickens to your homestead, start out right by choosing the breeds that will do best in your climate. If you already have breeds that aren’t the best fit, consider phasing out that breed and replacing them with one that is a better fit for your conditions and needs. Hens that stop laying eggs due to heat stress are not a cost effective breed for homesteaders in hot climates.

If you live in a northern climate and need chicken breeds that are cold hardy, check out my article 16 Best Cold Tolerant Chicken Breeds. There are some breeds that do well in both hot and cold climates and those are indicated in the list above!

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16 Best Heat Tolerant Chicken Breeds - Choose the best chicken breeds for hot climates!

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  4. Jennifer Cook

    I cannot wait to get our own place! I want chickens so bad and yet, here on our rental, we cannot have them. I have earmarked this to reference again when the time comes. Thanks you for an informative post to help those of us chicken wannabes and newbies to know which are best.

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    I never realized the comb was a natural cooling system for chickens.

    And for once I lucked out. When I rebuilt my flock this year, I switched to Americauna.

    Great post, Lisa!

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      Hi Maria,
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