What To Do With Unwanted Roosters

What To Do With Unwanted Roosters - The New Homesteader's Almanac

What Can You Do With Unwanted Roosters?

Are you wondering what to do with unwanted roosters? Even if you only order pullets, you could end up with a rooster in your flock. Sexing baby chicks at a hatchery isn’t 100% accurate so sometimes a little boy chicken ends up in your pullet order! It may take a few weeks to be sure if you have a pullet or a cockerel. When it’s obvious that you’ve got a roo in the flock, what can you do?

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6 comments on “What To Do With Unwanted Roosters

  1. Dawn

    I just know I’m too much of a softie for this. I’ll probably never have chickens for this reason (oh, and the fox family living behind our shed, LOL).

    1. Lisa Lombardo Post author

      Hi Dawn,
      It is definitely something to be aware of before you make the decision to have chickens. I’m sure the fox family would be happy to see some chickens show up in your yard!

  2. Jenn

    Yes, roosters are inevitable. We seem to have above the 60% on some of our hatches! We have a lot of young roosters right now. We process them and sell them to someone who prefers their meat to the cornish cross. Sometimes it’s hard for my daughters who hatched them! They are often very pretty roosters! Life lessons learned though. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Lisa Lombardo Post author

      Hi Jenn,
      It really can be tough to decide which roosters to keep and which ones need to go. I’ve had a hard time too! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your experience!

  3. Maria Zannini

    I cull. I’m actually looking forward getting some roosters from my latest batch of chicks because I’m out of homemade broth. Canned broth pales in comparison to homemade.

    1. Lisa Lombardo Post author

      We have so much in common, Maria! I cull too…and these boys are getting pretty fiesty. I’m looking foward to just having the pullets.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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